Who is Thomas Bernhard?

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Bernhard

Do you know Thomas Bernhard?

During the last month I have started to read Thomas Bernhard; I have read “; eine Andeutung”; “der Keller, eine Entziehung”,  ”der Atem, eine Entscheidung” and “ein Kind”. These books describe his experiences with the war and with severe – deadly – illness. I especially enjoyed his statement (in der Keller) that he was looking for a movement in the “entgegengestzte Richtung”. Not any other direction. This is very distinct and poetic statement; like a child who needs to invent the world; not discover it. I understand TB; how can you discover the world when you know that it contains nazis and tuberculosis? In order to survive he had to develop – invent – an escape; just like Kafka. It was never about understanding or cooperating; but producing new machines of desire (Deleuze). Just like Kafka his humour is deep and serious, but still hillareous. I don´t read TBs oops; I listen to audiobooks and as I have lived several years in Germany (and speak the language quite well) I enjoy the rhythm and repetitions; like a song or a poem.

So there is no answer to the question; who is TB? TB is part of a rhizome producing meaning and for me Kafka – Dylan and TB are connected.


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